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Salutations and welcome to Glitch Bottle! I'm Alexander Eth, host of the esoteric Glitch Bottle podcast, where we Uncork the Uncommon in magic, mysticism and the generally misunderstood.  I am also a classical ceremonial magician and researcher into magical texts from the Renaissance, known as 'grimoires.' It's my honor to provide you with the best guests, interviews and esoteric material through my podcast, blog and YouTube channel.

But beyond that, I'm your fellow traveler on this star-studded caravan plunging headfirst into the occult. My own experience and those of professional magicians, scholars, authors and researchers has allowed me to peek behind the veil, to see ceremonial magic as a technology that has been lost in modern society. And yet, this technology is timeless, from ancient Egypt to China, from the Byzantine Empire to England and the Caribbean, the fingerprints of this consistent method is beautifully articulated.

I hope you'll join me on this caravan as we travel to lands that beckon us back to where we came from.